Friday, January 18, 2013

Cosmopolitan Indonesia January 2013 -vs- L'Officiel Paris Febuary 2011

What should I do with this cover of this magazine?

Do you tink that Cosmopolitan Indonesia is lil' bit out of fashion with Leighton Meester is wearing Gucci's dress from their Spring Summer 2011 collection.

Cosmopolitan Indonesia January 2013 -vs- L'Officiel Paris Febuary 2011
 But who is better? Leighton or Beyonce?

Blank Life

I don’t know what should I do with all of this. I am androgyny and I am gay. And everybody here cannot accept me who I am. I feel so unsaved. Am I hurt anyone because I am not normal? So everybody do everything bad to me?


I love gold color so much. And I love this outfit so much. What do you think about this look guys?

ANTM effect

I love America's Next Top Model so much even I have only watched cycle 17 ( All Star ), 18 ( British Invasion ), 19 ( Collage Edition ). So, today I post this photo. This photo is my favorite photo ever of all episode. And I pose same as the model did. Check it out!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Aplaus The Lifestyle Magazine Photo Shoot

Photo shoot : Aplaus The Lifestyle Magazine.


LGBT is not monster. They are same with STRAIGHT person. So, I think LGBT is okay.

Isis King

Army Jacket by Michéal Knowles

Okay, this is my first fashion photo for y'all.

By the way I make it by myself. It's inspired from Balmain Fall 2012 army jacket. But when I wear it everybody said that the jacket is made by inspired from Michael Jackson's performing costume. Lol.

So, take a look.

Photo by Ricky Pratama

But I always use it when I perform too (by the I'm a singer too, he-he-he).

Perform Single Ladies by Beyoncé

Sometimes I wear it to attend the party or gathering.

Michel Adam - Fashion TV - Vodka
Fashion Workshop


Hi, I am Michéal Knowles.

I'm 19 androgyny boy who is falling in love with fashion, music and modeling.

I'm one and only son of my daddy and mommy. But my daddy had passed 3 years ago  while my mommy was 4 months ago. I don't what should I do without them, but yeah, I do keep trying to survive. Okay forget about it.

So, in this blog, I will share anything about me and fashion. So if you like my posts give me your precious comment, I need it so badly.

Thanks guys. xoxo

Photo by Kevin Lie